My Story

As of 2021, I am a Finance Manager at a top Automotive Manufacturer. In my free time, I make Islamic Content which is easy to understand, for the newly practicing Muslims

Life in a Nutshell

  • Born in Windsor Canada
  • I was one year old when my parents took me to Pakistan where I was raised till 12 years old
  • Came back to Windsor Canada where I finished elementary, high school and University
  • During University time I started to become more practicing
  • This is where I had no idea where to start! What is the right thing to do?
  • Should I follow what my parents have taught me or is there a correct version of Islam?
  • Got married at the age of 23
  • Had my first child at the age of 24
  • Started to get involved with organizations like Almaghrib Institute, ICNA, MAAS, Gain Peace and local mosques
  • Lived in Detroit and Chicago area for beginning of my career and married life
  • Taught new Muslims basics of Islam
  • Was involved in call center where Non-Muslims had the opportunity to ask questions about Islam
  • Moved to Dallas Texas to take 10 month Arabic course so I can have a better connection with the Quran
  • Moved back to Detroit area so I can be close to my family and inlaws
  • In 2020 after the lockdown started due to Covid-19, I started becoming more active in making YouTube videos
  • Currently living in Fort Erie, Ontario with my wife and 4 boys